Guitar String Retainers, set of 2 - Black
Guitar String Retainers, set of 2 - Black
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Guitar String Retainers, set of 2 - Black

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These metal string trees screw into a Fender or similar peghead to maintain the string angle at the nut. Each holds down two strings.

Same style string retainers that were used on a post '57 Strat®, Tele®, and similar instruments.

Set of 2 includes 2 string retainers with mounting screws, and spacers (short and tall). Use the short spacer for the E and B strings (many early instruments only used one string retainer for the E and B strings).

Pilot holes required: Installing delicate screws such as these into hard maple requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend using a No. 44 bit for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.


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