Animals Tioga Road Cycling Distortion

Animals Tioga Road Cycling Distortion

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Animals Pedal rolls into town with an amazing distortion pedal designed by the famous design team of Wren and Cuff! The distortion sound is exciting for rock guitar, and with the various genres of heavier music has been a must-have pedal for many guitarists.

The first distortion pedals were made in the late 1970s, and really started being popular in the early 1980s. Our Tioga Road Cycling Distortion revives this classic distortion sound, as well as a few other speeds/sounds from that era and beyond.

Our new design places the footswitch to the front right side for ease of use, and it is easy to change the 9v battery inside. Our beautiful artwork is front and center as usual, with Animals Pedal expert manufacturing and high-quality parts construction. We have made some tweaks to the circuit which has been fine-tuned and expanded so that the TRCD can be used with a wider variety of guitars and amplifiers.

VOLUME: Adjusts the volume.
TONE: Controls the tone centered on high frequencies components. The high frequencies are strengthened clockwise, and the low frequencies are emphasized counterclockwise.
DIST: Adjusts the strength of the distortion.
Toggle switch: Switch the texture of distortion and volume.
・1 (Up position): Symmetrical clipping
・2 (Center position): Clipping bypass
・3 (Down position): Asymmetric clipping


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