Tesi Ido Super M 10mm Kill Switch - Solid Black
Tesi Ido Super M 10mm Kill Switch - Solid Black

Tesi Ido Super M 10mm Kill Switch - Solid Black

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The IDO Super M 10MM kill switch is perfect for the player that doesn't want to make a major modification to his or her guitar.  This is the perfect size to replace a standard 3/8" potentiometer with NO DRILLING.  If you have a smaller potentiometer on an Asian import guitar, only minimal modification to the hole is required. Asian potentiometers are typically 9mm.


  • Type: Momentary Push Button Switch
  • Operation Type: Normally Open (yes, this is correct for instrument kill switch operation. Included instructions show you how to wire it properly!)
  • Housing Material: 

     Stainless Steel : Stainless Steel

     Black, Red or Gold :  Plated Brass

  • Mounting hole Size: 10mm
  • Mounting Panel Thickness: 1mm-6mm
  • Operation Pressure: about 5n
  • Operation Stroke: 2.0 mm
  • Contact Resistance: 50 mOhm
  • Mechanical Life: 500,000 cycles
  • Switch Rating: 2A/36VDC

The switch is easy to install. If you have the slightest bit of skill with a soldering iron you can do it yourself. If you do not have that skill, you should have a guitar repair person do it.  The mounting hole is slightly larger than a standard volume or tone pot (10MM vs. 9MM) which makes this the closest measurement to your standard pothole, and if you decide to go back to your original setup, you don't have to buy a new pickguard or repair that hole in your wood.  The difference is the thickness of a heavy guitar pick!

This package comes with everything:

  • (1) Tesi IDO 10mm Momentary Guitar Kill Switch  
  • (1) Tesi Quick-Connect wiring Bundle that includes:

     (1) 8" Black ground wire (attached)

     (1) 8" Red hot wire (attached)

  • (1) Set of easy-to-follow wiring instructions

This switch can be used with active or passive pickups with no additional parts required.  Just solder the wires (already attached to the switch) and get ready for action!

Each Tesi Guitar Kill Switch is guaranteed against defect for one year from the date of sale.  Contact us for more details.

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