Tesi  MIMMO 10mm Kill Switch Stainless steel / Blue
Tesi  MIMMO 10mm Kill Switch Stainless steel / Blue
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Tesi MIMMO 10mm Kill Switch Stainless steel / Blue

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Great kill switch that is 10mm close to most pots. Which means minimal if any shaving to make it fit in a tone or volume pot hole. This switch is with a Blue LED ring. Your project is our project.



  • Type: Momentary Push Button Switch
  • Operation Type: Normally Open (yes, this is correct for instrument kill switch operation. Included instructions show you how to wire it properly!)
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mounting hole Size: 10mm
  • Mounting Panel Thickness: 1mm-6mm
  • Mounting Depth: 35mm
  • Operation Pressure: about 3n-5n
  • Operation Stroke: 2.5mm
  • LED Rated Voltage:  6V (includes wires to use with 9V battery and additional resistors in case you want to get creative with the wiring) *note:  This will also function with an 18v active electronics system. Please make a note on your order to make sure you get the right resistors.
  • LED Life: About 40,000 hours
  • LED Power Draw: 15mA
  • Contact Resistance: 50 mOhm
  • Mechanical Life: 500,000 cycles
  • Switch Rating: 3A/250VDC



The switch is easy to install. If you have the slightest bit of skill with a soldering iron you can do it yourself. If you do not have that skill, you should have a guitar repair person do it.  The mounting hole is barely larger than a standard volume or tone pot (10MM vs. 9MM) which means that if you decide to go back to your original setup, you don't have to buy a new pickguard or repair that hole in your wood.


This package comes with everything:

(1) Tesi MIMMO 10mm Momentary Guitar Kill Switch  

(1) Tesi Quick-Connect wiring Bundle that includes:

     (1) 8" Black/Black ground wire

     (1) 8" Black/White hot wire

     (1) 8" White/Red Power wire with resistor

     (1) 8" 9V Battery Harness with resistor

     (1) On/Off Rocker Switch

(1) Set of easy-to-follow wiring instructions

(2) Spare 270 Ohm resistors for custom wiring jobs


When used with active pickups and/or a stereo output jack (not included) the Tesi MIMMO does not require the additional on/off rocker switch.


Each Tesi Guitar Kill Switch is guaranteed against defect for one year from the date of sale. Contact us for more details.

Your project is our project!