J & P style in-line bass tuners (4) - Chrome
J & P style in-line bass tuners (4) - Chrome
J & P style in-line bass tuners (4) - Chrome
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J & P style in-line bass tuners (4) - Chrome

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Direct J & P style replacement "Elephant ear" set of 4 chrome bass tuners. 1:20 gear ratio with ultra-smooth action and full-size plates. Washer and mounting screws included.

plit post for quick stringing

Heavy duty, well plated

Complete with color matched bushings and screws

Ratio - 1:20

To fit Standard Bass tuner holes (18mm)

Set of 4 machine heads



Outside Diameter = 23/32” (0.721” or 18.3mm)

Inside Diameter = 9/16” (0.558” or 14.2mm)

Max Flange Diameter = 53/64” (0.823” or 20.9mm)

Tuner Handle:

Width = 1-37/64” (1.582” or 40.2mm)

Tuner Post:

Diameter = 17/32” (0.535” or 13.6mm)


Length = 1-45/64” (1.698” or 43.1mm)

Width = 1-5/16” (1.316” or 33.4mm)

Top Mounting Holes are 0.910” or 23.1mm apart.

Bottom Mounting Holes are 0.650” or 16.5mm apart

Diagonally from Top Hole to Bottom Hole = 1.352” or 34.3mm

(Holes are all measured Center to Center)

Please note these are factory parts without original packaging, instructions are not included, you can also consult your local luthier to install these tuners correctly

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